The Horizon 2020 Initiative focuses on de pollution of the Mediterranean Sea and has aimed for making it cleaner by keeping a check on the pollution sources by the year 2020. Most of the polluting sources include urban water waste, municipal wastage and industrial pollution. Get more information on pollution of Mediterranean Sea here. There are three associated groups meant to control overall maintenance of Mediterranean Sea by controlling the sources of pollution:

  • Investment in Pollution Reduction (PR)
  • Review, Monitoring and Research (RMR)
  • Capacity Building (CB) for achievement of the objectives mentioned by Horizon 2020

The Regional Activity Center for Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) is integrated in Consortium leading ENPI Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/ Mediterranean Environment Program as the member of UNEP/ MAP.

About Horizon 2020Horizon 2020 Initiative is the way to support H2020 CB/MEP and draft the working plans through the awareness activities and promotion of the environmental issues. It is important to integrate the issues and take strategic measures to keep a check on the sector policies. The forecasted activities include consultations, campaigns for awareness, visits, trainings and other events. The meeting in June 2008 for H2020 campaign mainly aimed at identification of the areas in the scope of H2020 where regional capacity building adds to the value.

There are many activities kept in consistent modes with the initiatives taken in Mediterranean region to tackle the pollution related issues. The earlier programs on these issues are also considered (eg SMAP) and competent activities are undertaken on regional level to check the national assistance issues. The group activities of ENPI Horizon 2020 Capacity Building/ Mediterranean Environment Program (H2020 CB/ MEP) were implemented from November 2009 for about five upcoming years. Review more about ENPI Horizon 2020 Capacity Building at The eighth program of H 2020 is in 2014-2020 and has the maximum requirement for revenues. The end of 2015 has some capacity building activities for H 2020 and there are new meetings & activities scheduled for 2016.