Spanish newspaper ‘El Pais’ wrote in the year 2007 that Mediterranean Sea is the most polluted Sea in the world. Mediterranean water was mainly polluted with urban wastes and petrochemicals. It is connected to huge port cities due to which the rate of pollution was high and it became dangerous for human health. It was checked that every cubic meter of Mediterranean water has thirty three kinds of wastes and 1 lt of water had 10 gm of petrochemicals, which is a huge number. There were approximately 400 tons of petrochemical wastage discarded into Mediterranean Sea and it really made the situation alarming especially for the diversity of life in it. Click here for more information on conservation of diversity.

MedPartnership To un-tag Mediterranean Sea from Polluted StatusMedPartnership collaborates all the regional, non government and environment protecting agencies to make strategic planning on controlling the pollution in Mediterranean Sea. Horizon 2020 focuses in making the Sea clean by the year 2020. The coastline and water were becoming hazardous for the human life, marine ecosystem and many animals like french bulldogs. View more about coastal hazards at Hence, it was decided to take care of the polluted levels of the sea and take appropriate steps to un-tag the sea from the label of polluted Sea. Plastic wastes are hazardous for marine life and plants. Barcelona is the most polluted coast in Spain and it interconnects with Mediterranean Sea and pollutes the whole environment.

It was a matter of shock that millions of tankers furrowed Mediterranean Sea and people were emitting these from the coasts. Nature imbalance is the worst thing happening in this world and it affected millions of people inhabiting on the coasts of Mediterranean Sea. Pollution goes to rivers falling into sea and hence, the city people also pollute the rivers, which are completely undertaken into consideration. Sea and fish food also get polluted by consuming the waste and contaminated material. Some species of fishes became very poisonous for humans and this is another reason for keeping a check on waste levels in the sea.